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Every child deserves a family...

We serve children and families to help them live in a safe, nurturing environment. In some cases, foster care provides a safe place that gives a child and birth family an opportunity to resolve conflicts and learn healthy skills that may allow the child to safely return home. In other cases, children need a "practice family" to experience what it is like to be part of a healthy family before moving on to a long-term placement such as an adoption. 

By becoming a foster parent, you can help a child become part of a healthy family dynamic and help build a foundation of hope for them to succeed. If you are interested in pursuing adoption, the best way to achieve this and gain immeasurable experience is by first becoming a foster parent.

Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care serves children who have experienced abuse, neglect, traumatic life events, and often, the loss of their family. Or, some children may have significant medical issues. Many of these children have built walls around themselves to avoid being hurt again. As a result, many have difficulty managing their emotions and may present challenging behaviors. 

Parenting a child who has experienced trauma within a family can seem overwhelming at times. Being a therapeutic foster parent to a child with such needs is not easy, but you won't be in it alone. We are with you each step and at every turn to provide assistance, guidance, tips, and training. 

We developed our Therapeutic Foster Care program to specifically meet the needs of these children and families. Our program is exclusively operated by our own staff. Working together with you, we help children recover from trauma and prepare them for reunification or adoption. 

Learn more about our Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption services.


State Foster Care 

We are contracted by the state of South Dakota to provide home study and training services for individuals who want or need to be a state-licensed foster or adoptive caregiver or relative. We use the PRIDE model. PRIDE stands for Parent Resource for Information, Development, and Education, and is the model used by the Department of Social Services to train and license foster and adoptive families.   

Learn more about getting licensed as a foster or adoptive parent with the State of South Dakota.

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