Prevention Play Variations

What if...? Variations

Increasing Safety... One Conversation at a Time

What if...? questions are designed as conversation starters and, as such, there are very few rules. The cards should be used in a way that works best for you and the child or chilren you are playing with.  Some examples of ways that you may use the card sets:

  •  Create a Ritual: Repetition is key to learning, and sometimes time is short.  Read a card each day as part of your routine. Give yourself time to really explore the topic with your child.
  •  Random Play (using the Spinner Board): Creating more of a game feel can be fun, and it’s a great way to cover a lot of topics. This is especially useful when you may need to cover several areas, such as bullying, internet safety, and body safety. Set aside 15 minutes each day to go through questions. Use the enclosed spinner to determine what category to draw your next question from. The “You Pick” space empowers youth to choose their own category or ask a question that they may be thinking about. 
  •  Focused Play: Really want to explore a certain area? Choose one category and go through those questions. 
  •  Think Outside The Box:  Every child, family, and organization is unique. Use the cards in the box as an inspiration to create your own questions. Do you have a family member with medical issues? Do you know your child is about to go on a trip? These are all things you can create your own questions about. Use these questions to explore your child’s awareness and preparedness for the unique situations he/she may face.
  •  Lighten Up the Conversation: The category topics may get too serious at times. Remember, it’s okay to lighten up the conversation once in a while with a silly question…  What If a spaceship landed in your backyard? What If your friend had a booger hanging out of their nose?
  •  Turn the Tables:  Kids love to be in control. Give them a chance to ask you questions. 

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