Prevention Resources

Prevention Resources

Together, we can stop the cycle of violence.

Stopping the cycle of violence within our communities starts with each of us. 

Our prevention work aims to stop the cycle of child maltreatment and interpersonal violence through education, consultation, advocacy, and awareness. 

Child maltreatment and domestic violence are often interconnected. Both forms of violence are complicated. This is not a simple problem and cannot be fixed by a simple, single solution. Left untreated, trauma results in increased social and health issues, including increased rates of cancer, heart disease, drug addiction, continued victimization, shortened life expectancy, and more. 

Our approach to prevention is multi-layered, addressing concerns with individuals, organizations, public policies, and society as a whole. Preventing trauma - or identifying and addressing it as early as possible - can have a significant impact, not only on the victim and family, but on our entire community. 

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You want to keep your kids safe. 

We can help.

What if... your child was faced with an unsafe situation? Would they know how to respond? Would they tell you what happened? As parents, we always hope that we have adequately prepared our children to handle life's curve balls, but you might be surprised with what your child does and doesn't understand. 

Our What If...? Card sets are designed as a tool for adults to use with children, to help you gauge your child's understanding of a situation, and help them learn how to respond. The sets are versioned to cover topics that are relevant to the children at various levels of age development. 

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Awareness and Education are the first steps to preventing abuse.
Together we can.