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Tom Roberts, Author

Tom Roberts is originally a farm-boy from the Ipswich/Aberdeen area of South Dakota, but he and his wife, Tammy, have been long-time residents of Sioux Falls. His affiliation with the Children's Home Society began several years ago as a volunteer Santa Claus for the kid's Christmas Party. In 2002, he and Tammy produced one of his stories, 'Twas The Night Before Christ, into a book as a fundraiser for Children's Home. The project was a great success and eventually led to Tammy joining our staff as a Development Officer. In the Spring of 2009, Tom too was invited to join our team as our Event coordinator and subsequently published his second and third books, Santa's Prayer and The Little Lost Sock, an audio collection of his stories on a CD entitled, The Home Collection, and his fourth and fifth books, Return to the Farm - A Christmas Journey and The Greatest Gift-The Wise Ones' Journey. 

This fall we are pleased to share Tom's sixth story, On That One Christmas Eve. 

Working together as mission-minded advocates for Children's Home Society, Tom and Tammy continue to produce and promote these stories as a unique means of raising support and awareness for our mission and for the women, children, and families we serve. 

Before Tom joined our team at Children's Home Society he had performed and taught theater professionally throughout South Dakota, the Midwest, and over-seas for over 28 years. In 1999, Tom was recognized for his talents and contributions to arts education by the Sioux Falls Mayor's Office and Sioux Empire Arts Council when he was chosen to be the recipient of their first annual Outstanding Artist Award. During that same year his life and work as an actor was featured in a book published by the Lessons In Leadership foundation entitled, "Turning Dreams Into Success" by Bunny and Larry Holman.

Over the years Tom has been a much requested writer, storyteller, and narrative voice for programs such as Christmas At The Cathedral, Mt. Rushmore's Anniversary Celebration, Christmas On The Prairie, and a South Dakota Public Broadcasting Television Special "Our Statehouse: A Capitol Idea."  In 2008, 2009, and again in 2011 Tom created a series of writings based on his interviews and observation with cancer patients and their families during an artist-in-residence project at Sanford Health entitled, "The Journey of Healing Through The Arts."

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