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We help children and families.

Every child deserves the opportunity to have the best chance in life. Children who have experienced abuse, traumatic life events, and those with emotional or behavioral needs are no exception. 

No matter the situation, and recognizing that these decisions are often difficult, we are prepared to come alongside you to help you and your child get the help and support you need.

In a therapeutic, yet home-like environment, our compassionate and experienced staff works to help children re-establish healthy relationships with others, and learn the skills necessary to be successful at home, at school, and in the community.

We provide residential treatment services for children aged 4-14 in both eastern and western South Dakota, at Sioux Falls Children's Home and Black Hills Children's Home. 

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Our Approach to Care

Upon admission into Residential Treatment, an initial treatment plan is created. Your child's needs will be evaluated during an initial assessment period which will include medical, psychiatric, psychological, and academic evaluations; speech and language screenings; and abuse, social, and recreational assessments.

Following the evaluation period, our treatment team will meet with you to review our findings and discuss our recommendations for the next steps. 

If residential treatment is recommended, and Children's Home Society is determined to be the best resource for you and your child, we will discuss with you the best treatment options that will increase the strengths of your child and family while decreasing problematic thoughts and actions. 

What Children Receive

At Children's Home Society, we don't focus on simply treating symptoms, but rather on treating the whole health and well being of each child and family we serve. While in residential treatment, your child will receive:

  •  Individualized Treatment Plan
     Focus is on therapeutic goals.
  •  Education Services
    Each student receives individualized attention to address academic and therapeutic needs. Learn More
  •  Individual and Group Therapy
    Children have the opportunity to give and receive support, with assistance from a therapist.
  •  Family Therapy
    Teaches healthy parent/child relationships.
  •  Psychiatric Services
    Complete diagnostic assessment, medication monitoring, treatment, and discharge planning.
  •  Nutritious Meals
    Healthy, balanced food choices are provided daily. Any dietary restrictions or requirements are also managed.
  •  Cultural Education
    Provided for all children with a primary focus on Native American history and traditions.

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