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Board of Directors

Children's Home Society is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors composed of individuals in Eastern and Western South Dakota.

  •  John McGrath, Sioux Falls, President
  •  Tim Hamel, Sioux Falls, Vice President
  •  Scott Sletten, Sioux Falls, Secretary
  •  Darla Crown, Rapid City, Treasurer
  •  Sally Anderson, Mesquite, TX (Honorary)* 
  •  Jim Berman, Sioux Falls
  •  Mick Gibbs, Sioux Falls
  •  Gina Hopkins, Sioux Falls
  •  Ron Jeffries, Rapid City
  •  Laura Johnson, Reva
  •  Kathy LaPlante, Sioux Falls
  •  Eric Lee, Rapid City
  •  Dustin Morrison, Rapid City
  •  DeMaris Nesheim, Rapid City
  •  Maggie Russo, Aberdeen
  •  Tim Rustand, Sioux Falls
  •  Karen Schreier, Sioux Falls
  •  Greg Schweiss, Rapid City
  •  Norbert Sebade, Rapid City
  •  Carolynn Stavenger, Sioux Falls
  •  Maureen Suga, Sioux Falls
  •  Marilyn VanDemark, Sioux Falls
  •  Meg Warder, Rapid City
  •  Steve Watkins, Sioux Falls

    *Sally Anderson is a descendant of our founder Elizabeth Sherrard.

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    Staff Leadership

    •  Michelle Lavallee, Chief Executive Officer
    •  Muriel Nelson, Chief Operating Officer
    •  Tami Gronseth, Chief Financial Officer
    •  Mark Niemeyer, Chief People Officer
    •  Karl Jegeris, Director of Collaborative Excellence
    •  Rick Weber, Children's Home Foundation Development Director
    •  Freddy Maseman, Black Hills Children's Home Program Director
    •  Sue Williams, Sioux Falls Children's Home Program Director
    •  Mike Groher, Director of Schools
    •  Chelsie Ogaard, Black Hills Community Based Services Program Director
    •  Ondrea Patzlaff, Sioux Falls Community Based Services Program Director
    •  Tifanie Petro, Advocacy and Prevention Program Director
    •  Amy Carter, Children's Inn and Bright Start Operations Director
    •  Kathy Schneider, Bright Start Nurse Supervisor
    •  Janet Andersen, Marketing and Communications Manager
    •  Sequoia Crosswhite, Cultural Relations Advisor
    •  Jody Carpenter, Compliance Director