What if...? Ages 11-13

Set Includes: 164 question cards, Interactive spinner, 1 Blank safe adult card, Disclosure card, and Instruction booklet

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Does your 11-to-13 year old child know what to do if they are at a friend's and the adults are drinking alcohol? Does your child know what to do if his or her friend shows them a sexually explicit photo? You may be surprised at your child's answers! The What if...? card set for ages 11-13 is a talking tool for adults to use with children, to help them learn how to respond in real-life situations. Questions are pertinent to situations a 11-13 year old may encounter.  

Perfect for use within families, schools, and youth-serving groups or organizations. 

Please contact us at prevention@chssd.org if you wish to order 4 or more sets.

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