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Parenting any child can be challenging. Parenting a child who has experienced trauma can seem overwhelming at times. But you aren't in this alone. We will be with you to provide support and guidance. 

When you become licensed to care for children, we will provide an extensive amount of support and services, including therapy, training, support, crisis intervention, and more. Many of our families, even if they don't have a child placed with them, will continue to attend our events and seek guidance. 

When families adopt, they can still access a number of our services, such as training, support, consultation, and more. Some families can also access our formal Post-Adoption Services which can include therapy services and crisis intervention. 

Our full array of services that may be available to our foster and adoptive families include:

  •  Thoughtful matching of children and families
  •  Weekly staff contact, including in-home counseling
  •  Continued training and education in trauma-informed practices
  •  Respite care
  •  24-hour crisis intervention
  •  Family involvement in case planning and decision-making
  •  Medical and dental coverage for the child
  •  Monthly subsidy
  •  Child therapy
  •  Family therapy
  •  Support groups

Please note: If you are a foster parent of a child who is nearing transition out of foster care due to their age, they may qualify for Supplemental Security Income. Learn more about Supplemental Security Income at this link: 

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