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Referral and Admissions Process

To secure placement in a residential program, the following items need to be completed:

Initial Referral

☐ Contact the Admissions Coordinator to make a referral and ensure child is appropriate for CHS programs.

Residential Funding

(Department of Social Services, Department of Corrections, Tribal Social Services, School Districts, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Parents)

☐ Secure Medicaid funding for residential placement

Complete South Dakota PRTF Referral Form for psychiatric services for individuals under 21 years of age. Submit completed packet to State Review Team.

  • CPS social workers—send referral packets to Pierre; CPS state office in Pierre scans the record and sends it to State Review Team facilitators via a PDF file.
  • DOC Juvenile Correction Agents—submit referral packet to direct supervisor; supervisor sends referral packet to the Director of Classification; Sioux Falls state office scans the record and sends it to State Review Team facilitators via a PDF file.
  • Other referrals—parents, schools, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Tribal Social Services, etc. send the completed referral packet and supporting documentation directly to State Review Team facilitators at:
    Dept. of Social Services
    Megan Newling /Auxiliary Placements
    700 Governors Dr.
    Pierre, SD 57501
    (605) 773-3448

The State Review Team will request documentation for review that may include the following child assessments and evaluations:

  • Psychological evaluation
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Discharge summary and notes from psychiatric hospitalization
  • Education records
  • Counseling records and history
  • Medical records
  • Form 534/Child Profile (DSS referrals need to use this form for residential placements)

The State Review Team will review information and will approve or deny the referral. Approved referrals will be forwarded to the PRO-Team for final approval.

Educational Funding

☐ Secure educational funding

  • If the child is in the state’s custody, contact Megan Newling at the Department of Education, (605) 773-3448, or megan.newling@state.sd.us
  • If the state does not have custody, contact the child’s school district.
  • If the child is enrolled in a Bureau of Indian Affairs funded school in the Great Plains Region and on an IEP, contact your region’s Educational Line Officer.

For further assistance please contact:

Joan Sim, (605) 965-3117 or joan.sim@chssd.org