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Join us for the 6th Annual Adoption Conference- "Beyond the Match", where we'll focus on preparing and supporting families for permanency.

This conference is co-sponsored by the Department of Social Services and Children's Home Society of South Dakota.

Professional Session: 7:30-3:30 MT/8:30-4:30 CT

Parent Session: 6-8 MT/7-9 CT

Preparing and supporting families for permanency

We think we found a family! Now the real work begins. This session will focus on how to educate and prepare families for parenting on a day-to-day basis, from the home study, through information-sharing to post-placement support. We will examine common pitfalls that newly formed families face in the early stages of placement and identify strategies to help them navigate through potential crises.

Keynote Speaker: Denise Goodman

Denise has been a child welfare professional for more than 45 years. She began her career working with emotionally disturbed teens in a residential treatment facility and has held varied positions in child welfare, including being a foster parent of teens. As an independent consultant, Denise conducts workshops and provides consultation throughout the U.S. and Canada on topics related to foster care, adoption and kinship care. She works with local and state jurisdictions to build their foster care, adoption and kinship care programs.

After receiving an MSSA from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Denise earned a PhD in social work from The Ohio State University. She has written many curricula for staff and resource parents, co-authored a section of The Field Guide to Child Welfare and published numerous articles and tools on foster care/adoption issues, including the Icebreaker Toolkit, Resource Family Guide, Child-Specific Recruitment Tool, Recruiting 4 Free and Step-by-Step Guide for Targeted Recruitment.

She has received recognition for her training from the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program, including the Linda Pope Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Training, OCWTP Award of Excellence, the Northeast Ohio Regional Training Program Trainer of the Year and the North Central Regional Training Program Trainer of the Year. In addition, Denise was inducted into the Ohio State University-College of Social Work’s Hall of Fame as a Distinguished Alumni in 2012 and was the North American Council on Adoptable Children’s (NACAC) Child Advocate of the Year for 2015. She currently serves as President of the Board for NACAC.


  1. Participants will become aware of strategies to prepare families and to assist them in fully recognizing the parenting skills needed for their youth.
  2. Participants will recognize the stages of adoptive family development.
  3. Participants will become familiar with the stages of adoptive family disruption.
  4. Participants will become acquainted with operationalizing behaviors and parenting plans.
  5. Participants will become familiar with strategies that promote family stability after placement and beyond finalization.