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New!   On That One Christmas Eve

Written by Tom Roberts
Illustrated by Jim Brummond

From the author: "There are times in everyone's life when their faith is put to the challenge. For whatever reason, big or small, they may find themselves questioning the beliefs they once held, or perhaps even have begun to dismiss them altogether. This is what has happened to the young man in this story, On That One Christmas Eve. He has decided that he can no longer believe in the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus. But, as it turns out, a simple encounter with a cluster of birds would set in motion a realization that a compassionate God does exist. And it is the compassion that we exhibit that creates our connection with God."


The Greatest Gift - The Wise Ones' Journey

Written by Tom Roberts
Illustrated by Jim Brummond

Winner of the 2018 Illumination Book Award Gold Medal and the 2016 Moonbeam Children's Book Silver Award 

The Greatest Gift - The Wise Ones' Journey is a poetic tale based on the story of the Magi and puts into perspective the journey that each of us must take if we are to pursue a closer relationship with God and a better understanding of what God values in that relationship. It is a journey that may not be easy, but is essential for us to grow, improve, be happy, and be a positive force in the world around us. It is a journey that each of the kids at Children’s Home Society must also take, and we, as staff, teachers, counselors, and volunteers are doing the best we can to serve as their guides. We provide the tools and resources so those we serve can have the opportunity to go beyond their present circumstances to discover on their own what gifts they possess.


Return To The Farm, A Christmas Journey

Written by Tom Roberts
Illustrated by Jim and Zack Brummond

Celebrate Christmas memories of the farm with this story by South Dakota author Tom Roberts. Inspired by his own experiences as a farm boy, Mr. Roberts takes the reader on a sentimental journey to a time and place that so many still consider home. Like a family scrapbook, this tale warms the heart as it touches upon all the senses with vivid description and imagery. 

There are many lessons and examples that can be taken from the farm experience; faith, family, community, work ethic, resilience, and so much more. Return To The Farm recognizes and celebrates the essence of farm life so many of us can relate to.


The Little Lost Sock

Written by Tom Roberts
Illustrated by Jim Brummond

A simple yet poignant story of hope, the power of faith, and how true friendship can make a positive difference in the life of another. Reminiscent of the tales by Hans Christian Anderson, The Little Lost Sock is a poetic fable about a lonely misplaced sock searching for purpose. After an unsuccessful attempt to receive help from other lost souls, the sock finds meaning through friendship with a book - a very special book! A surprise transformation reveals the sock has much more than it had ever imagined. 

The Little Lost Sock is a heart-warming tale that you'll want to share with the entire family every Christmas!


Santa's Prayer

Written by Tom Roberts
Illustrated by Doug Moss

Sorry. This book is currently SOLD OUT.

Santa's Prayer is a story about a young boy and girl who overhear Santa praying at a church nativity on Christmas Eve and discover a more meaningful understanding of why we celebrate this holy event. It emphasizes the hope that children will always be mindful of and thankful for the birth of a little baby whose life and legacy has changed the world. 


'Twas The Night Before Christ

Written by Tom Roberts
Illustrated by Steve Hoffman

The birth of a child is at the very center of our Christmas celebration and the story of that birth has been told countless times and in countless ways. But it's a story that never grows old because it's the story of Christmas. 'Twas The Night Before Christ is author Tom Robert's own poetic perspective of the story of the very first Christmas. 

You will enjoy sharing this story with your family as a gentle reminder of what Christmas is all about. 

Learn more about author Tom Roberts

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