Trauma-Informed Organization - Avoiding Burnout

Posted on June 11, 2023

Trauma-informed Organization Committee Member and Assistant Program Supervisor at Children’s Home Shelter for Family Safety, Emily Hall, reports on how employees are avoiding burnout.

“To assist with morale and empty cups, we at the Shelter are being more intentional about refilling our cups,” Emily says. “Supervisors have been finding a couple people at a time to replace for 15 minutes so they can go on a walk or take a moment to do whatever energy filling that best suits them.”

“We need to be very aware of our emotional needs in order to tend to our clients’ needs. Adding energy throughout the day is imperative to the longevity in this type of work. This assists with burnout, it assists with relationships within shelter, and it also assists with staff knowing that supervisors see the hard work they do daily. I believe this creates a space for staff to be more intentional about their own self-care,” she said.