Timing is Everything

Have you ever considered being a foster parent?

Posted on May 17, 2024

Thanks to Therapeutic Foster Care families, South Dakota children are finding safe and loving homes. From left to right: Megan Powell, Case Manager; foster parent Jodi Lindstrom; Assistant Program Director Nichole Knepp; COO Deanna Larson and Child and Family Services Director Tifanie Petro.

Jodi Lindstrom of Rapid City considered it, back in 2017 or 2018. She met with a CHS Therapeutic Foster Care representative and received a purple folder of information.

As an early childhood education professional and single parent of two, Jodi was busy. The folder was moved from one place to another in her home.

Then came Covid. Jodi used some of her pandemic time at home to clean out drawers. She came across the purple folder and reviewed the information.

“After that, every time I saw that purple folder, I got excited about it,” said Jodi. “And it felt better than the first time.” Jodi contacted CHS and signed up for foster care parent training.

It was the right time. Jodi loved the training, which was also relevant to her career. She obtained her foster care parent license in 2021 and felt “110% prepared.”

However, when Jodi’s first foster care child arrived, she realized she was only “about 5% prepared.” The child was 12 years old and had already lived in more than 20 foster homes.

“Each child is unique,” she said. “Every kid comes with different backgrounds, ages, genders and experiences, and has different needs.”

Through CHS’s Therapeutic Foster Care program, foster parents receive round-the-clock support. “We were texting or calling or meeting almost every day when I first got licensed,” she said.

Jodi learned to ask for help and rely on others. She grew her confidence. Still a foster parent, she looks forward to new experiences, challenges and joys every day.

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