Passenger Praise

Posted on January 30, 2020

The school Christmas program for the children at Sioux Falls Children’s Home (SFCH) was held Thursday, December 5, in the SFCH school gymnasium. Several hundred people attended including parents, grandparents, and social workers; as well as staff, volunteers, board members, and friends of CHS.

Because of the distance from the parking lots to the gym, CHS staff drove vans to shuttle guests down to the school.

One shuttle driver had this to share...

I made a point to ask each of my passengers who they were. For some reason, I had quite a few grandparents as passengers on many of my shuttle trips. They had all come to see their grandchildren perform in the program.

Though they were not all in my van at the same time, they all (amazingly!) had just about the same thing to say:

“We are so grateful to Children’s Home for what they have done to help our grandson/granddaughter. He/she is like a whole different kid. I’m not sure what your teachers and counselors did, but our whole family is happier. Is there some way you can thank those people for us?”

Hopefully, we just did.

Black Hills Children's Home and Sioux Falls Children's Home are so very grateful to have received a bounty of blessings over the Christmas holiday season from so many faithful and generous friends. Those blessings came in many forms—financial gifts, Christmas presents and special outfits, homemade treats, off-campus outings for the kids, and gifts to re-supply classrooms, toy and activity cabinets on the living units, and the closet for birthday gifts.

Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough ways to say “thank you” to those who have become such valued partners in our mission—those whose support allows us to come alongside children and families desperate for help. We are hopeful that this message allows a few of those families add their thanks to ours...

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