Children’s Home Society and Foundation Welcome New Board Members

Posted on October 07, 2021

At their annual meeting on September 30, 2021, Children’s Home Society of South Dakota (CHS) and the Children’s Home Foundation (CHF) each welcomed five new board members.

“I believe we have the most qualified and engaged boards in the region,” said CHS CEO Michelle Lavallee. “We are honored by their commitment to our mission, their achievements to date and their vision for the future.”

The new CHS board members elected were Scott Scofield, Melissa Johnson, Jim Schmidt and Senator Deb Soholt, all of Sioux Falls and Amy Koenig of Rapid City.

Outgoing members who were honored for their service were Tim Rustand, John McGrath, Norbert Sebade, Maggie Russo and Meg Warder.

CHS board officers are Laura Johnson, President; Eric Lee, Vice President; Gina Hopkins, Treasurer; and Jack Marsh, Secretary.

Other CHS board members are Sally Anderson (honorary), Jim Berman, Helen Boer, Darla Crown, Paulette Davidson, Mick Gibbs, Tim Hamel, Lafawn Janis, Deanna Larson, Dustin Morrison, John Rozell, Karen Schreier, Greg Schweiss, Chirag Shukla, Scott Sletten, Carolynn Stavenger, Maureen Suga and Marilyn Van Demark.

New CHF board members are Dennis Aanenson of Sioux Falls, Kara Flynn and Bobby Sundby of Rapid City, Molly Peterson of Brandon and Marty Jackley of Pierre.

Outgoing CHF board members are Mary Howard, Phil Lampert, John Brewer, Jeff Skinner and Mike Buckingham.

CHF board officers are Julie Anderson Friesen, President; Diana Dufur-Day, Vice President; Dave Schmidt, Treasurer; and Bob Baker, Secretary.

Additional CHF board members are Greg Blomberg, Kim Burma, Lori Lewison, Bill Lindquist, Joe Sztapka and George Twitero.