Foster Care and Adoption

We’ll Keep Doing it Until They Make Us Stop

Posted on September 23, 2021

Who in the world would voluntarily raise 24 children—most of whom have behavioral, developmental or medical needs? It’s hard enough to take care of one or two children, let alone two dozen! That's why therapeutic foster parents are straight up superstars.

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Adoption - One Family's Journey

Posted on November 27, 2019

Every family's path to adoption is unique. Read Jim and Lora's story of adoption to learn how dedication, caring, and compassion paired with ample support and education can make such a difference in a child's life.

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What is Wendy's Wonderful Kids?

Posted on November 11, 2019

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s restaurants, was adopted as a child. That life experience led to his passion of being an adoption advocate. In South Dakota, Children’s Home Society is the WWK partner agency.

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Adoption - A Child's Perspective

Posted on November 07, 2019

14-Year old Lucy participates in a short but powerful Q&A about her experience with adoption and what she would want others to know from an adoptive child's perspective.

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