Children’s Home Shelter for Family Safety

Shelter for Family Safety Awarded $100,000

Posted on November 20, 2023

On November 9, Children’s Home Shelter for Family Safety was awarded a gift of $100,000 from the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation (LCRF) to support victims of domestic violence who need emergency shelter.

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You Deserve Love

Posted on June 06, 2022

Everyone deserves love, but victims of domestic violence are often taught to believe they do not. Read about Brianna's journey to finding love with the help of Children’s Home Shelter for Family Safety.

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The Porch Light

Posted on November 02, 2021

Children’s Home Shelter for Family Safety's broke ground this spring for building a new facility. Learn how we "Rocked the Inn" and other stories in this issue of The Porch Light.

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The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Posted on May 18, 2018

In the United States, over 8 million children are exposed to domestic violence each year. Research suggests that the single strongest predictor of whether a child becomes either a perpetrator or victim of domestic violence later in life is whether or not they grow up in a home where domestic violence is present.

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