A Commanding View

Posted on March 26, 2020

Tomorrow is Friday, March 27, 2020. On this very day, 118 years ago, Children’s Home Society had a red-letter day in its history.

Excerpt from The Children’s Friend, April 1902…

Written by CHS co-founder, Superintendent William Sherrard

The South Dakota Children’s Home Society has passed the first epoch in its history and closed by the dedication of one of the finest institutional buildings in the state. The building is of Sioux Falls Jasper and contains, in all, 33 rooms besides the spacious hall ways and is furnished from cellar to attic. The building is practically fire-proof until the attic is reached. The only wood used in its construction being the flooring which is of 1 ¼ inch hard pine, and the doors and windows. The walls are plastered with adamant, which is pronounced the best wall surfacing material made. It is well lighted and is pronounced an ideal building in the convenience of its construction.

It is a compliment to the architects, W.A. Dow & Son, that after two months’ use, the occupants say that were they to erect another building they would not change a single plan. Those who are familiar with Sioux Falls building stone need not be told that it is one of the most beautiful buildings the eye can rest upon. While there was no attempt at ornamentation, yet the simplicity of the façade adds to its substantial appearance and reveals the beauty of the stone. It occupies an ideal site standing on a hill, commanding a view of the whole city, while the serpentine Sioux meanders at our feet.

The dedicatory exercises were held Thursday evening, March 27, 1902.

The board of managers held their quarterly meeting in the afternoon. The building committee reported that the total cost of the building to date was $26,729.84, which added to $1,518.00 paid for the site, made a total expenditure of $28,247.84.

How the building was furnished is a story in itself! Click here to learn more.

At the evening meeting the superintendent gave a brief resume of how he was led to take up the work and pointed out some of the evidences of divine guidance and assistance. During the day we received a number of congratulatory letters and telegrams from prominent citizens of the state and friends outside for which we desire to acknowledge our indebtedness. All in all, it was a historic day.