On This Day in History - The Rest of the Story

Excerpt from The Children’s Friend, April 1902…

Written by CHS co-founder, Superintendent William Sherrard

The hearty response to our appeal for help in furnishing the building is most gratifying and calls forth generous praise. The most expensive gift was that of a beautiful Kimball piano by the FT Williams music house. Mr. O.C. Cadwell gave a rich velvet piano scarf and Mr. Paddock, a stool. The united young peoples’ societies of the city furnished the parlor. The First Baptist Sunday School, the reception room; the beauty of which is enhanced by a large Boston fern, a gift of the Sioux Falls greenhouse. The State Press Association, the office. Mrs. J.W. Tuthill gave two large and massive oak tables for the dining room and Mr. E.B. Smith, two dozen chairs; the Women’s Relief Corps of Yankton, $25 for crockery. The local Yoeman lodge $13.35 for table linen and the Keating Jewelry Co. $5.00 worth of silverware. The traveling men a large double range. The Sioux Falls Wholesale Hardware Co a quantity of kettles and pans. The Hearst Kindergarten of Lead a cot bed for the day nursery, and the ladies of Lead a chiffonier and rocking chairs. This is all for the first floor. We still need furniture for the children’s play room, a large hat rack for the hall, a side board for the dining room and a refrigerator for the kitchen.

On the second floor, Dr. Sweezey of Wakonda furnished a dormitory in memory of his wife. Mrs.O.W. Miracle, Mrs.J.W. Jones, Miss Allie Jewell, Mrs. T.H. Brown, Mrs. W.H. Lyon, and Mrs. E.W. Coughran, each a single room. Mrs. Natwick, a room in memory of her daughter, and Mr. S.G. Tuthill, of Minneapolis, a dormitory in memory of his wife. The Orawac Club have furnished the night nursery most tastefully. The local A.O.U.W. lodge and Mr. N. Johnson each gave $50.00 to use as needed. In addition to our needs of which mention is made we greatly need a laundry dryer.

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